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A 6ft 2 and wide, I’m not build for speed. Over the last three years I piled on the weight, mostly as a result of early mornings and not giving a damn – and danishes. I went from 13 to 17 stone. So once I stopped getting up early, I was thinking (only thinking!) I should do something about it.

Then in the cold, dark days after Christmas, I got a call from the lovely folks at the Rock’n’Roll Dublin Half Marathon, who wanted to know if I’d be interested in running. I had heard of this run before (from the year before) and it sounded great, with live music all along the route. They have them all over the world, including San Diego, Madrid, Liverpool and Las Vegas. This was January, and the run is on August 7th, the Sunday of the bank holiday weekend, so loads of time to get ready.

But half a marathon? That’s 21.0975 kilometres! That’s the same distance between the GPO and Bray! I checked! And no Dart! No chance, but thanks for the call.

But hang on, they have a 10k run too! Ah crap. Okay, I’m in. I need something to train for.

 4/2/16 ***NO REPRO FEE***Pictured is Rock ‘N’ Roll Dublin’s ambassador, Ray Foley, and Rock n Idol judge Anna Geary at the launch of the 2016 Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Marathon series, which is now open for entries. One of Ireland’s most anticipated race festivals, the 2016 Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon promises to be bigger and better than before with great miles, music, medals and trips to Las Vegas to be won.  Organisers announced today the programme for the action-packed festival of running, complete with an all-new 10k race, prolific half marathon and fun-filled Family Run, which will take place on a brand new date of the 7th of August 2016 across Dublin city.
The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series has also launched a search to find Ireland’s first Rock ‘n’ Run Idol 2016. The nationwide competition is calling on aspiring runners and those who simply want to get their feet moving a little faster to share their stories of perseverance, motivation and what inspired them to lace up their trainers and hit the pavement! The competition is open to runners of all abilities and anyone interested can go to to enter.
For further information please contact:Eilis Smith, TITAN,
Fiona Askin, TRA Brands,
Pic: Marc O'Sullivan

So I started training right away with the couch to 5k app on my phone. It starts you off nice and slow and you only do little jogs, but then week-by-week you build that up to 5k, which I know is only half what I’m going for, but it’s a start. You should know: I have NEVER run any proper distance in my life.

So I was  just about finished the 5k plan and feeling great about it when… I got sick. I’ve had this chest infection for the last few weeks that I’ve only just managed to shake, and (any excuse) I’ve been out of action. So, I’m heading back out this weekend.


That’s so sexy. If you’re interested in running, take a look at the website or click here:


And while you’re there, take a look at the voting for Rock’n’Roll Idol competition, where one person from the Dublin run will be sent over to the big Las Vegas event in November. Amazing. You can read about each of the Irish finalists and vote for your favourite every week here:

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If you are running, I’ll see you in August. If I’m still alive in August. Good luck!