The Home Stretch…

We’re nearly there now! The finish line is in sight! A month away from the Rock’n’Roll Run (or Runmageddon as we’ve started to call it in our house) and… I think I’m pretty much ready for this! What is it they say about pride before a fall?


I’m jogging just over 7k twice a week now. I know it’s not the full course, but I’m reassuring myself that the excitement of the day and the enthusiasm of my fellow rocknrollers will give me the necessary motivation to bring me over the line. When I started out on this pavement-pounding process, I was barely able to walk to the end of the street, let alone 7k, but here we are.

Another thing that’s happened unexpectedly: it’s just part of my life now. In the early days it was a whole new experience and the novelty of doing something completely different was exciting. When it came to writing these updates or telling people about my training experiences, I always had something to say, or some observation to share – but these days I just go for a run. That’s all.

And I’ve started to find it as enjoyable as those running fiends in my life have always claimed. They were right: not only do you get the exercise, but you get some time to yourself (a rare enough commodity when you have two young kids) and a little head space to think about the stuff in your life that needs thinking about. For me, that was never the intention of this challenge (I just wanted to do the run) but in the training miles, the value and enjoyment of some alone time has been a pleasant discovery over the last few months.

You do feel better when you’ve something to show for it too – aside from the cool medals. I’ve lost nearly three stone. I spent the weekend clearing out a heap of clothes that are way too big for me now that I hope to never wear again. There are five refuse sacks of big man suits, shirts and jeans going to the charity shop tomorrow morning and I’m pretty chuffed with myself. #humblebrag! Now, I’m still overweight, I’m very happy to be getting there.

File 11-07-2016, 19 56 27

Endorphins must have something to do with it too: science says that working out releases chemicals in the brain that give you a feeling of wellbeing and happiness, and that’s certainly the case. As happy as I am, I’m not quite as happy as this lady:


She’s delighted with herself! Suzanne Alcock-Thomson has just won a trip to Las Vegas! As you may know, the Rock’n’Roll Run in Dublin is one of a series of marathons and half-marathons all over the world, and six fantastic finalists were competing in the the Rock’n’Roll Idol competition for the once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Vegas run. Yeah, I’d say her endorphins are off the chart today.

When this mission began to prepare for the 10k run around Dublin on Sunday 7th August, I never imagined I’d be admitting: I’m looking forward to it now. There’s really not much else to do at this stage but run it! If you are planning on coming along, here’s some stuff you need to know (just click) and I’ll see you for a pint near the finish line.

Good luck.